The room we use is B36 in the Clarendon wing of Leeds General Infirmary. While it is in Clarendon, it is easiest to access by going through the hospital’s main entrance which is part of the Jubilee wing.


Enter via the Jubilee wing. You enter on B floor (which is the same floor as the room is on).


Go past reception on your right, and then turn right to follow signs to the Clarendon wing.


Proceed down the corridor and you will reach Clarendon wing.


This turns into another corridor and you should continue going down this one also.


When you see signs for “x-ray, ultrasound, MRI, endoscopy” on your left, turn down that left. The room is then one of the first on the right.

Most of B floor of Clarendon Wing is on a large loop. Therefore, if you miss it, you should eventually find it again by following the loop all of the way round.